“Aralık” is a collaborative publication initiated in December, 2015 by 8 photographers who have come together in Istanbul. This week-long encounter facilitated a rapid creative process involving exchange of ideas, editing of individual works, as well as design and production of the finished publication. The outcome was a re-editable book bound by a simple rubber band, with spreads free to be pulled out, folded open, and reversed to transform into concealed posters available for wall display.

At this point, the intense energy born out of this shared experience is reunited to produce a second issue, featuring work by a different group of artists willing to publish under the same format. As such, “Aralık” takes a step further to reimagine itself as an independent, periodical publication sustained by collective excitement and active participation. In this second edition of “Aralık” the works of 14 artists are presented in two separate books put in a single box.

The photographs and a video of the first edition can be viewed here.