Sketch for Summer

(2020) 16mm black&white film (9 min.)

With ‘Sketch for Summer’, Merve Kılıçer and Jake Caleb continue their practice of searching for specific plants in their surroundings. Their last performance, ‘The figs tree’s roots will fuck up your mortgage’ (2019) wove letters, song and dance around the fig tree as an introduced species to Rotterdam and London. For at7 and HMK they searched for plants high in phenol, a chemical substance that can be used to develop film. Intending to use the plants to process the film, they found themselves instead exploring their own process of collaboration.

View from the exhibition ‘To that special someone part II’ organized by at7 in Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn.

Stills from the film

‘Sketch For Summer’ was produced with the support of Filmwerkplaats, Rotterdam.